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Kindness shines through

We are so proud of our Scouts who have been so considerate and kind in these strange times with the corona-virus. Here are some of the postcards our Cubs sent to a local hospital and nursing home. We know this is a very challenging time for all our Scouts and we are truly amazed with all the thoughtfulness. Stay safe!

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40 Scouts Canoe the Ardeche River

Summer 2019 Camp was in the Ardeche region, South France. Where 40 Lightwater Scouts, Explorer Scouts and their leaders spent the week making memories to last a lifetime. A 24km paddle along the River Ardeche was certainly the highlight of the trip, but according to our scouts they also loved sleeping out under the incredible starlit sky and watching the many shooting stars. Just goes to show that the most expensive activities aren’t always the best! We also enjoyed many team games such as orienteering, rafting, kayaking, large team puzzles and climbing.

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