Seeonee Pack

Seeonee Cub Pack meet on Monday.

A junior section to Scouts was set up in 1914 by Lord Baden Powell and named Wolf Cubs. The name has since changed to Cub Scouts but the principles have been carried through to this day. This includes the use of themes from The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. Which is why you’ll hear your cubs call their leaders by the names in brackets below.

Mican Pass (Akela)

Cub Scout Leader




Tim Brooks (Chill)

Assistant Cub Scout Leader




Debbie Jackson (Ka)

Assistant Scout Leader




Terry Pass (Baloo)

Assistant Cub Scout Leader



Jon Sinclair (Keego)

Assistant Cub Scout Leader


Simon Goodwin (Keneu)

Assistant Cub Scout Scout




Sonja Galsworthy

Assistant Scout Leader




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